I have recently released an application to help those that have a growing domain portfolio keep on top of their status. This was a personal itch that I needed to scratch with a domain acquisition almost every couple of months and a new project being released almost every quarter, things were getting a little hard to keep atop of.

One of my issues was that I have domains that sit on a mixture of hosts and domain name providers, so there was not one central tool to let me get information about my portfolio.

I paid particular attention to simplicity and usability when creating this application, constantly asking “does this feature add value”? With that mentality I dropped a couple of features which was hard discarding the time spent working on them but worth it for streamlining the end result. I intend on adding or refining features as I feel they fit the purpose of the application.

The most exciting aspect of this project was working with CodeIgniter 2, an ORM system and moving to a dedicated and affordable slice host Linode who are cheaper than the better known Slicehost and seemed to have a pretty good reputation. So far Linode have been great, they have comprehensive documentation on getting applications and services configured on your distribution and this was how easy it was to get up and running:

just set up an Ubuntu LAMP stack from scratch on my lunch break on (including signup)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this application, if you have feedback, feel free to click on the feedback link on