The Short Version

I made a service to attach information about Twitter users, Install the Chrome extension.

The Longer Version

Every wonder why you follow someone on Twitter?

Twitter is a great way to have light connections with people, but in it’s simplicity, it’s easy to loose track of how you know the people you follow.

I wanted a way of attaching additional information to Twitter users to allow me to better understand the people I follow, and, more specifically, why I follow them. I looked around to find a tool/service to facilitate this desire but sadly I couldn’t find anything. That’s when the idea for Met was hatched.

Met is a web service that uses browser extensions, currently Chrome, to overlay information about users, designed to fit into your everyday flow.

Here are some of the views where you can see and attach Met information:

User Profile

View and add annotations in the popup or full page profile.

Tweet Stream

Hovering over a tweet provides you with a Met button to view and create annotations.

Following List

Clearly see users that have been annotated which will appear red, un-annotated users buttons will appear gray.

The future for Met is looking exciting! There are plans to provide a search & browse interface, private & public notes and additional aggregated information about users when you click on the Met buttons. Follow the Met Twitter feed for feature announcements and service updates.

Why not give the Chrome extension a go now? Install the Chrome extension.