Traffic LightsIf you are running and administering your own website, the chances are that your reputation relies on you having a stable site, or at least one that your users can reach. The problem is; how often do you check your site is up and running or how you expect it to look? Probably not often.

I have produced a simple script that will let you check your sites are up and running.

The PHP script is hosted on GitHub at You can see the output at

To get this script running, you will need to change some of the defaults found in index.php and place both the files in a web accessible directory on your server

Automating the script

The best application of this script would be to deploy on your server (not on the server you are checking is up) and run on a crontab at a fairly liberal interval (2 hours) to save server overload. To do this:

On your command line:
$ crontab -e

This will take you into an editor window. Enter the line below replacing {$path} with the location of your script
0 */2 * * * php -q /{$path}/siteup/index.php

Now you will receive an email if any of your programmed domains are down.