Panoramic template design

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It’s been a while since releasing an open source web template, the last one being Mighty, added back in January of 2007. Mighty was a template created to allow others to take a basic design and allow them to modify most aspects of the template with relative ease (given some CSS understanding).

Time moved on and the itch arose again to create another open source web template. This time its called Panoramic. Panoramic is the name of the family business and this template design stemmed from a mock for the company I had created some time ago that never got released.

GitHub seemed the best hosting location for an open source web template, owing to its fantastic interface and functionality and thus Panoramic lives there:

Having the template hosted on a Revision Control System such as GitHub, has many advantages, the main one being that others can contribute to the code and or fork to a version that suits them. Additionally, users downloading the code can always rest assured they are getting the latest code and can see what has changed over time.

If you do use the Panoramic template, please add a comment to this page stating where it is in use, so others can gain inspiration for it’s uses.