In case you have not already noticed, there has been some tweaks to Carbon Silk over the last couple of weeks (that last bit rhymes).

It was about time that Carbon Silk demanded some development attention, that has otherwise been snatched from other pressing commitments including; travel, moneyio and work. Without further ado, this is what has changed:

  • New header graphic, kind of an experiment to balance the header and break the grid.
  • New publications section. Hopefully this will expand elegantly with time.
  • You will get a list of related article links when viewing an article (in the sidebar), replacing the categories section.
  • A shiny new archives page has arrived with new means to discover content across the site.
  • A new favicon.
  • RSS has been handed off to Feedburner to gain better metric insights. The old one will still work, though.

I have posted a snapshot of an article from this point in time to make this post relevant for later readers.