Firstly I will start with why to not use diff. I am not suggesting a replacement, I have simply found that Vim offers a much better interface, that is available on most (*nix based) server environments for comparing and merging files side by side.

Getting started

vim -d file_original.txt file_new.txt

Your tool of choice here is vim -d, so if you like this as a ‘patch’ to diff, why not be naughty and alias it? I have aliased alias diff='vim -d' in my shell preferences.

Getting fancy

Wow, i can see the difference between 2 files, big deal! Try adding more files to the arguments, suddenly we have loads more power to compare multiple files, easily.

vim -d file_original.txt file_new.txt file_new_ammendments.txt


ctrl+ww – will let you navigate buffers.

When comparing just 2 files, these commands will be handy when you select the lines to merge

  • dp – diff put
  • do – diff obtain/get

If you are in multi diff mode, these may be handy as you need to write long hand commands;

  • :diffget 3 If you were in buffer 1, writing this command would obtain the difference in buffer 3
  • :diffpu 1 Again, write this in buffer 3 and it will place the change in buffer 1

Writing/saving changes

Further Reading