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Solving a problem

Earlier this year (May 2012), I embarked on building a site to allow myself and others to document what they are shipping and getting done. At the time I was working at the BBC on their Weather website and we were releasing so many things I was proud of that I wanted a way to capture and present them.

I felt Dribbble & Github were great tools for design and code, but that there was a void of documenting the top level progress made on projects. stands to make the work you do look great for future work leads. Workdon also serves as an anti-todo list, realise your productivity, not remind you of your task debt.

I have thus far been working hard to ensure a smooth operation of reading, posting and updating updates. The next phases of development will bring exciting automatic updating of your projects from services like Dribble and Github to keep your portfolio looking fresh without having to lift a finger.

Looking good!

Once you have signed up for an account, you have access to a personalised standalone portfolio site. An example of this can be found at This portfolio site is theme powered and may have the option to upload your own design (Handlebars templates) or choose from some predefined designs.

Social networking has been added as a complementary feature where you can track other Workdon user’s updates. This is useful for finding out what people are working on. An application this could work well would be to serve as an agile standup alternative.

I’d love to hear your thoughts of Workdon so please add a comment or get in touch directly at .