Wrapping ones head around the data

I recently attended my old university — the University of Greenwich to view the final year Multimedia & Internet Technology students’ presentations of  what they had been up to over the course of their studies. I had been in this same position 4 years ago, however standing observing it all came rushing back like it was yesterday; the sea of emotions experienced at that time, some of excitement to be finished, some of uncertainty and panic as to what I would go on and do with my life.

Anyway, the work was ok, the presentations ok, the engagement for the most part was ok but everyone seemed to be playing it safe. This was their pitch, the chance for them to be hired or to make the right impression to people that could make a difference. Some tips I would and did put forward to students looking to secure a job in the web industry.

  1. Have a website
    1. You want to work in the digital world then you need a digital presence, surprising how many students don’t have one.
    2. Have your best work shown and presented well, definitely quality over quantity here.
    3. Make sure you have a working email address. If you have just set up an account on a new site, check it works.
    4. Use LinkedIn or a similar service to list your qualifications
  2. Have a career direction
    1. If you like film, animation and web then consider a role that encompasses them all – Advertising, online gaming, etc.
    2. It helps when speaking to people to tell them the job title your hoping to secure, an employer would be able to think if they need that position filled in their company a lot easier than having to correlate your skill set and make a job title themselves.
  3. Have a speciality/selling point
    1. If you find handling web services or making websites accessible a doddle and others seem to struggle you are likely to have a specialist skill which bodes well in securing a job at the CV and interview stage. Be prepared to demonstrate/discuss in detail these attributes of yours.
  4. Be proud and believe in yourself
    1. If you do not believe in yourself then no one else will. You are well educated, created work to be proud of, so believe in yourself. Dress smart, hold your head high, engage in conversation as opposed to taking the back seat, its all about confidence you portray.
    2. It’s likely you will not pass interviews or CV picking processes. For this have a thick skin, being safe in the knowledge that you will be fine, and that you will find better opportunities out there.
  5. Give me your business card
    1. It’s great if you have one but make sure you hand it to me, not to say force but offer at least.