Blog typography People often ask me, “Who do you follow?”. By follow I would interpret that as RSS/Twitter, both of which you can often find on their personal blog. In answer to this question, I have compiled a top 10. In no particular order:

  1. Hicks Design – Great site, great designer and good read on his journal
  2. Naz Hamid – Naz produces some great designs and regularly updates his blog with inspirational material and updates on his work.
  3. Jason Santa Maria – His blog is usually very comprehensive and full of interesting facts.
  4. Random Mel – Very funny, down to earth nonsense
  5. Shaun Inman – A ‘pioneer’ on the web, worth being kept in the loop on the next big ideas.
  6. Khoi Vinh – Very opinionated designer who could be considered a web grid master
  7. Mark Boulton – Mark, another designer mainly focuses on his experiences with owning his own design agency/business.
  8. Jeffrey Zeldman – Jeffrey presents the web world according to him, very funny relevant read.
  9. Joshua Davis – Experimental digital artist, publishing his latest, greatest works. Highly inspirational design work.
  10. Dan Cederholm – I think I mainly subscribe to this site for my love for the site design.

I am often curious as to who other people find interesting enough to subscribe to their blog/site/life, so please let me know your list.