Sea of bicyclesPhotography, something that has fascinated me since a wee lad, has returned into my life in a bigger and better way than ever before. I have recently purchased a Digital SLR (Canon 1000d), something I have been longing on getting for a while, which has rekindled my photography hobby.

I studied photography at college and a cinematography module at university, consequently gaining a good grasp of the technical and theoretical principles of taking photos, lighting composition and subject matter.

Personally I learn best by doing, so something that made me frustrated using film was the time delay from shot to print, I wanted to see the developed picture instantly. This was where digital entered my radar.

I entered the world of digital photography with my trusty Panasonic DMC-FZ5 a semi digital SLR. This was fine but didn’t offer swappable lenses and was, at the end of the day, a point and shoot camera with a big lens, never really achieving great results.

Flickr has traditionally been my dumping ground for photos, almost a backup solution for my snaps. Things have now changed and I use it to upload selective shots that I am proud of and think that other people will appreciate. Sharing my photos online has thus far been highly rewarding from the yield of feedback and the social aspects associated with sharing in an interest.

My advice to you if you are intending on getting into photography is to get yourself a beginners digital SLR (Nikon d40 – d80 or Canon 350d – 450d) with a kit lens (18 – 55mm) and/or a 50mm prime lens. With this kit, get yourself set up on Flickr and sign up to a few groups related to your equipment to see what results are achievable.

Now get out and about experimenting with aperture settings, shutter timings, white balance, time-lapse photographs and framing subject matters, after all, it is free to take as many shots, however you like.

You can find my photos at