Gmail chat panel

After a quick scour around the internet and checking every option in the Gmail preferences it seemed like there was no way of hiding the chat (a feature I don’t use) and invite friend panels on the left bar of the web interface to Google Mail.

My solution was to use a custom CSS rule for Gmail which consists of the following CSS:

.nH.pp.T0 .nH.s,
.nH.pp.T0 .nH.pY

Minor Issues

Border issue with empty panels

Now this is not ideal CSS but it seems Gmail have no id’s or specific hooks to target the panels, so I went with the best specificity I could get to not affect other plugins you may have in the left rail (I also have a calendar panel). The downside to this CSS rule is I am left with some container borders as you can see in this snapshot.

Alternative solution

The alternative approach I could have taken would have been to add some custom JavaScript but I figured out CSS would be the fastest and most reliable way of hiding the panels. I may explore this as the anal side of me is not happy with the stray borders.

What would be nice is if Google allowed us to disable these items in the first place!

Making custom CSS rules work in Chrome

Personalized Web Options
It seems Chrome (my browsing browser of choice) has no built in custom/user CSS functionality so I installed the Personalized Web extension which is nice as you can specify a regex pattern to match a url so I know I am only targeting Gmail using the pattern ^http[s]*://