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This post was originally going to be about some of my favourite applications on the Mac, things changed when the trial period expired on one of these applications, prompting me to pay to continue use.

Regardless of this issue, my favourite set of applications for the Mac are currently:

  • EventBox – Twitter, Facebook, Flickr desktop integration
  • Things – Tasks Management
  • LittleSnapper – Screenshot organisation
  • Spotify – Music
  • TextMate – Text editor, IDE
  • iPhoto – Photo management
  • Vienna – RSS reader
  • Quicksilver – application launcher

In here are a mixture of paid-for, open source, bundled and freeware applications. The thing that persuades me to ‘favourite’ these applications is the relationship I have with them. Relationship, come on your kidding me! No, I have a relationship with these applications (and more), I work with them all day, sometimes night, they frustrate me, impress me and help me to enjoy my experience in trying to reach an objective.

My issue; parting with my hard earned money. I have paid for two pieces of software in the past; Windows XP (Home Edition) and Salling Clicker, both of which being an eventual waste of money. No later than two weeks after buying Windows XP, I bought a new laptop that came pre-installed with Windows XP (Pro) and similarly soon after purchasing Salling Clicker to remote control my Mac Mini, Apple released some remote control software for the iPod touch and iPhone to do the same job but better (native).

These bad experiences could be said to be coincidental, but the issue is prevalent, software is über competitive and fast paced.

Open source has instilled me with confidence in adopting software, I enjoy open source projects tremendously as I feel comfortable with using a product that has been impartially constructed by extremely passionate developers.

Freeware and bundled software: Spotify and iPhoto respectfully are great for me as they offer superior interfaces and functionality for free, can’t complain there.

Admission time, I am tight, it takes a lot for me to part with my money and I am extremely cautious. Bad thing? Not in my book, keeping tabs on personal finances is fundamental to ensure financial stability.


Why pay for something when there is a perfectly reasonable free alternative? Lets keep this simple, of the above paid for favourites here are some free alternatives.

  • EventBox – Twitterific
  • Things – iCal
  • LittleSnapper – Paparazzi
  • Spotify – (for the paid for services)
  • TextMate – Eclipse