Some updates to the site

In case you have not already noticed, there has been some tweaks to Carbon Silk over the last couple of weeks (that last bit rhymes). It was about time that Carbon Silk demanded some development attention, that has otherwise been snatched from other pressing commitments including; travel, moneyio and work. Without further ado, this is [...]

Fellow Yahoo! Developer Blogs

Here is a compiled list of blogs of web developers at Yahoo! that I work with or at least close to. A real treasure chest of knowledge amongst these fine blogs. Cathy Ma Cyril Doussin Ben Ward Christian Heilmann Steve Marshall Marco van Hylckama Vlieg Tom Hughes-Croucher Steve Webster Neil Crosby Rajat Pandit Mike West [...]

10 Personal Blogs Worth Subscribing To

People often ask me, “Who do you follow?”. By follow I would interpret that as RSS/Twitter, both of which you can often find on their personal blog. In answer to this question, I have compiled a top 10. In no particular order: Hicks Design – Great site, great designer and good read on his journal [...]