Automated deployment of node.js apps

This article has a simple aim to improve the process of developing and deploying node.js web applications. The Continuous Integration folks will refer to what I am covering as an aptly named Automated Deployment. As you explore this guide you will learn: How to run a node.js script using Upstart. How to manage Jenkins (was [...]

Amber – Mac Terminal theme

I created a terminal theme with a retro look of soft amber tones. I find this really nice to work with and have been using for a couple of months now. Download or fork it on Github. To use: download the amber.terminal file to your computer, open up, go to the preferences, settings tab, [...]

Using YQL with PHP

After presenting on PHP, OAuth and Web Services (4th February 2009) it became apparent that the main killer technology was YQL. YQL for those unfamiliar with the acronym is Yahoo Query Language, a SQL like syntax that will let you query a whole host of data sources as if it were a database table. Is [...]

Panoramic – open source web template

Panoramic Template

View the template It’s been a while since releasing an open source web template, the last one being Mighty, added back in January of 2007. Mighty was a template created to allow others to take a basic design and allow them to modify most aspects of the template with relative ease (given some CSS understanding). [...]

How to monitor your site status

Picture of traffic lights

If you are running and administering your own website, the chances are that your reputation relies on you having a stable site, or at least one that your users can reach. The problem is; how often do you check your site is up and running or how you expect it to look? Probably not often. [...]