Amber – Mac Terminal theme

I created a terminal theme with a retro look of soft amber tones. I find this really nice to work with and have been using for a couple of months now. Download or fork it on Github. To use: download the amber.terminal file to your computer, open up, go to the preferences, settings tab, [...]

Ejecting a OS X mount when files are in use

So the problem is that you want to eject a disk/DMG/mount on your Mac and it says it is still in use “The disk “x” is in use and could not be ejected.”. Here is the solution using your command line ( to be able to safely eject the mount. lsof +D /Volumes/{VolumeName}/ This will [...]

Fixing a broken FileVault image on OSX

Apple FileVault Logo

It all begins when i became somewhat frustrated when my Mac Book Pro became increasingly unstable. If it was not alt-tabbing or trivial operations including opening new applications, everything and anything seemed to lock up my machine, almost as if MS Windows had somehow taken over Unix in an evil way. I persevered with this [...]