Using YQL with PHP

After presenting on PHP, OAuth and Web Services (4th February 2009) it became apparent that the main killer technology was YQL. YQL for those unfamiliar with the acronym is Yahoo Query Language, a SQL like syntax that will let you query a whole host of data sources as if it were a database table. Is [...]

How to monitor your site status

Picture of traffic lights

If you are running and administering your own website, the chances are that your reputation relies on you having a stable site, or at least one that your users can reach. The problem is; how often do you check your site is up and running or how you expect it to look? Probably not often. [...]

Moneyio – The best salary calculator ever! screenshot

On Monday (27 July 08) Moneyio (Money In & Out) was released. Moneyio is the latest incarnation of my previous project Salary Calculator. Moneyio will be organically developed to include new relevant features with a strict focus on surfacing information on your money. The overall objective is to offer a best in class web based [...]