What are you working on?

Solving a problem Earlier this year (May 2012), I embarked on building a site to allow myself and others to document what they are shipping and getting done. At the time I was working at the BBC on their Weather website and we were releasing so many things I was proud of that I wanted [...]

Getting serious about digital photography

Photography, something that has fascinated me since a wee lad, has returned into my life in a bigger and better way than ever before. I have recently purchased a Digital SLR (Canon 1000d), something I have been longing on getting for a while, which has rekindled my photography hobby. I studied photography at college and [...]

Quick text replacement Vi tip

Vim logo

This came about as i wanted to replace just a few lines of text in vi. Work out what range of lines to select :set number Find the lines you wish to modify 35 #Hosts per intl 36 uk.dev.site.com 37 de.dev.site.com 38 es.dev.site.com 39 it.dev.site.com 40 fr.dev.site.com Do the replacement [...]

Exploring personal task execution efficiency

Having attended a talk by Jason Fried from 37signals at south by southwest, i managed to feel completely inspired by what was spoken and how it was spoken. What i took from the presentation It all finally hit home, the message that Jason and 37signals were trying to make; keeping things simple. I realise things [...]