Convert a series of images to a movie

I have talked in the past about how to get a fully working time lapse system on a Mac using a webcam and some command line scripting. That was great but could do with some tweaks to get a more elegant solution which I attempted to reach here. I wanted to get more use out [...]

Writing your first shell script

Shell scripts are a simple way of completing (repetitive) tasks on the command line, much like many programming languages will be used. You will see ~ something — ignore the ‘~’ this is to signify that it is a command entered onto the command line itself. Writing the code ~ vi #!/bin/bash # My [...]

Making a time lapse video on Mac

Me on a time lapse from James Broad on Vimeo. This video is what you can create (that or something similar) by following these steps on your Mac. Step 1 Download & install a command line webcam capture utility, we will be using isightcapture Open the DMG and extract the binary to /usr/bin/ sudo [...]

Ejecting a OS X mount when files are in use

So the problem is that you want to eject a disk/DMG/mount on your Mac and it says it is still in use “The disk “x” is in use and could not be ejected.”. Here is the solution using your command line ( to be able to safely eject the mount. lsof +D /Volumes/{VolumeName}/ This will [...]

How to monitor your site status

Picture of traffic lights

If you are running and administering your own website, the chances are that your reputation relies on you having a stable site, or at least one that your users can reach. The problem is; how often do you check your site is up and running or how you expect it to look? Probably not often. [...]

Using Vim as a diff tool


Firstly I will start with why to not use diff. I am not suggesting a replacement, I have simply found that Vim offers a much better interface, that is available on most (*nix based) server environments for comparing and merging files side by side. Getting started vim -d file_original.txt file_new.txt Your tool of choice here [...]

Fixing a broken FileVault image on OSX

Apple FileVault Logo

It all begins when i became somewhat frustrated when my Mac Book Pro became increasingly unstable. If it was not alt-tabbing or trivial operations including opening new applications, everything and anything seemed to lock up my machine, almost as if MS Windows had somehow taken over Unix in an evil way. I persevered with this [...]