James Broad profile pictureThis site is by James Broad, a web developer working for Yahoo! on Finance and the Yahoo! Developer Network (YDN). For more information on my professional background have a look at my LinkedIn.

Areas of web development that I enjoy the most are; coding in PHP, JavaScript, Bash, etc, playing around with Unix, and lovingly crafting pages in semantic HTML and beautifying with CSS.

Things I enjoy

  • Photography
  • Business
  • Eclectic Music
  • Travelling
  • Public speaking
  • Developing Moneyio
  • Social Networking

About Carbon Silk

Carbon and Silk are two materials that are both elegant and superior in quality to their material competitors. www.Carbonsilk.com therefore tries to reflect these traits. This site has a theme of design and development with an objective to reach or discover perfection through the details.

This blog is run off WordPress with a custom theme for the design. The design went through a number of iterations to reach what it is today with one clear brief; to take away everything but leave nothing behind, allowing the content to flourish.

To hire me for any web related consultation please see kulor.com/consult.