Hiding the chat and invite friend panel in Gmail

After a quick scour around the internet and checking every option in the Gmail preferences it seemed like there was no way of hiding the chat (a feature I don’t use) and invite friend panels on the left bar of the web interface to Google Mail. My solution was to use a custom CSS rule [...]

Managing emails

Keeping on top of your email inbox can be a full time job in itself, this is my solution to that problem

Not paying for software

Stock Animation Floppy Disk Loop

This post was originally going to be about some of my favourite applications on the Mac, things changed when the trial period expired on one of these applications, prompting me to pay to continue use. Regardless of this issue, my favourite set of applications for the Mac are currently: EventBox – Twitter, Facebook, Flickr desktop [...]

Building Skyscraper Websites

Building a skyscraper

Pondering on a Twitter that I posted recently, it had me think; why does it take exponential effort and time to get ‘simple’ stuff completed on big sites such as Yahoo!. Looking around London and most other cities, skyscrapers are everywhere, out of necessity, due to the race for space. So the end result for [...]

Exploring personal task execution efficiency

Having attended a talk by Jason Fried from 37signals at south by southwest, i managed to feel completely inspired by what was spoken and how it was spoken. What i took from the presentation It all finally hit home, the message that Jason and 37signals were trying to make; keeping things simple. I realise things [...]