Five Minimal Inspirational Design Sites

A small selection of sites that have caught my attention for being particularly well designed. The minimal nature of web design is something that i find extremely hard to pull off, and as such i have been inspired by these and similar such sites to create this site. Astheria Type Sites We Are Only Human [...]

Fellow Yahoo! Developer Blogs

Here is a compiled list of blogs of web developers at Yahoo! that I work with or at least close to. A real treasure chest of knowledge amongst these fine blogs. Cathy Ma Cyril Doussin Ben Ward Christian Heilmann Steve Marshall Marco van Hylckama Vlieg Tom Hughes-Croucher Steve Webster Neil Crosby Rajat Pandit Mike West [...]

10 Personal Blogs Worth Subscribing To

People often ask me, “Who do you follow?”. By follow I would interpret that as RSS/Twitter, both of which you can often find on their personal blog. In answer to this question, I have compiled a top 10. In no particular order: Hicks Design – Great site, great designer and good read on his journal [...]