Building Skyscraper Websites

Building a skyscraper

Pondering on a Twitter that I posted recently, it had me think; why does it take exponential effort and time to get ‘simple’ stuff completed on big sites such as Yahoo!. Looking around London and most other cities, skyscrapers are everywhere, out of necessity, due to the race for space. So the end result for [...]

Open Hackday 2008

Yahoo! flags

Hacker, what’s in a name hey? Yahoo! and the web development community at large understands a hacker to be someone that has an expressed interest in solving problems through innovative use of tools at their disposal. On 12th September Yahoo! opened their Sunnyvale, California offices to a group of around 250 developers, or hackers, if [...]

Fellow Yahoo! Developer Blogs

Here is a compiled list of blogs of web developers at Yahoo! that I work with or at least close to. A real treasure chest of knowledge amongst these fine blogs. Cathy Ma Cyril Doussin Ben Ward Christian Heilmann Steve Marshall Marco van Hylckama Vlieg Tom Hughes-Croucher Steve Webster Neil Crosby Rajat Pandit Mike West [...]

Yahoo! API presentation at METU University

Yahoo! Developer Network

Read the article about my Yahoo! APIs presentation at METU University in Ankara, Turkey on the Yahoo! Developer Network blog.